New Blog New Tricks

Upon reflection of my writing for my class, I can see a new or rather, improved me from the start of the semester. I feel that I am more analytical and think more critically. At first thought I was afraid that there was not going to be much of a difference, but as I returned […]


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Are You Sure this is Nonfiction?

Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City is a nonfiction book about the Columbian Exposition, also known as the Chicago World’s Fair, and a cereal killer operating during this same frame of time. The Columbian Exposition portion goes through Chicago’s process of winning the bid for the fair, the planning and creation, operation, and […]

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Amor Towles

If those in attendance learned anything from the Q&A with Amor Towles in Lenoir Rhyne’s Belk Centrum it was the importance of planning and creating an outline in the writing process. Amor revealed that it took him 7 years to write his first book without an outline. At the end of it he hated what […]

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Ball Is Life

The term “basketball” has a couple of different meanings. One is a round inflated 29.5-inch ball, and another is a game involving two teams with five players at a time for each trying to score a ball through a fixed netted hoop on opposite ends of a court. To me however, basketball holds much more meaning than just these two definitions. To me basketball […]

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